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A Pro for the Pro!

I just got notification that my newest toy will be available for pick up next week. It is an Avid Pro4848 CNC Router frame. Avid is a US manufacturer of CNC products and has built a reputation for high quality. In the DIY arena, there is nothing better. And it is on a par with industrial products that don't require assembly but costs a lot more.

When I say ready for pick up, I really meant a bunch of boxes are ready. Yes, some (ie. ALL) assembly is required. And, I'm not going to use their electronics package (saves at least $1000) but rather going to build my own using my new Teensy 4.1 Pro breakout board that I have just started beta testing. That supplies the second (or first) Pro in the title.

I won't bore you right away with my first task - cleaning out a space in my workshop. Not exactly a small thing...

After that I will need to run Ethernet cable to the workshop and get a 240V outlet set up.

Machine specs:

  • Work area 49 1/2 X 49 1/2 X 8 inches (1257 X 1257 X 203 mm)

  • Footprint 67 X 66 (1700 X 1100 mm)

  • Cutting speed with NEMA 34 - 500 IPM (12700 mm/Min) - We'll see about that!

  • X & Y drive system is rack and pinion, Z is Ballscrew

  • Accuracy is said to be 0.005"

So, keep an eye out here. I will be posting about the machine and my experiences assembling the beast as well as using my Teensy 4.1 breakout board to run it. I am looking to upgrade it to the new Pro version. I'm hoping this will take no long than a month to get running but you just never know.


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