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WorkBee Clone Router

grblhal driven.png

This Workbee clone router from KristofferL has some really nice high end features and admirable craftsmanship. It uses closed loop stepper set up to alarm when they fall more than 25 steps behind. This gives him an accuracy of approximately 0.02 mm (less than 1 mil). Working envelope is 320mm x 522mm. It uses a Teensy 4.1 based breakout board for grblHAL. His electronics case set up is very nicely done.

Mechanical: moving gantry, V-Slot rails, Acme Screws. Ganged Y Axis. Upgrades to ball screws are in progress.

Steppers and drivers: 2.2 NM Closed loop steppers.

Spindle: 48V 500 Watt DC spindle. Upgrade to a 2.2 KW spindle is planned.

Power: 65 VDC to the Stepper Motors.

Control: grblHAL running on a Teensy 4.1.


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