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grblhal driven.png

This sweet build from Jim B is based on the Bulkman Workbee 1000x1000 moving gantry mechanical kit. Excellent set of front controls. His home built table looks really good, too. A solid base is a must for any serious CNC work. Used for wood, plastic and aluminum. He has made a number of 3D printed parts for the machine. They are available in his Thingaverse collection.

Mechanical: Extruded Aluminum, 8mm lead screw, V-Wheel rails.

Motors/Drivers: 4 High Torque NEMA 23 motors with 4X DM556 drivers. 2 Drivers are ganged for the Y Axis.

Spindle: 1.5kw 120v water cooled. Huanyang VFD. Blue Ox spindle mount and Dust Extractor Shoe.

Control: grblHAL running on a Teensy 4.1 breakout board. Custom electronics case.

Workbee 1010 Router

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