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Romanian Router

Adrian in Romania has a really well thought out router. The mechanical portion was built by his friend Florian. It has a smallish work envelope (360 mm X 276mm X 90 mm) and exhibits some top notch professional features - linear rails, ball screws and especially the modular bed system. 

Mechanical: Moving gantry. HSR15 linear rails and SFU 1204 ball screws. Modular bed system with three beds: vacuum table, special PCB milling combined table and t-slot table which all mount on the machine base table. Very impressive design.

Steppers and Drivers: NEMA 23 motors and DM542 drivers.


Spindle: 800W water cooled spindle and a Huanyang 1.5KW VFD.

Power: 24 VDC. Board is power via a stepdown from a separate 12V power supply.

Control: grblHAL running on a Teensy 4.1.  The GCode Sender, ioSender, is running on Linux in a Windows VM using Ethernet. [I find this pretty amazing! - Phil]

grblhal driven.png
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