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PicoCNC breakout board

This is a breakout board that, along with grblHAL and a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, creates a powerful CNC motion controller for devices like routers, mills, lasers and lathes.  Using grblHAL, it forms the basis of a motion control system with advanced features.


Key features of the PicoCNC board.

  • Supports up to 4 Axes via Screw Terminal and Pin Header.

  • Spindle control.

    • PWM (5V).

    • Direction (5V).

    • 0-10V.

    • 12V PWM supported (via open collector output).

  • Limit Switches for each axis.

    • Supports switches or powered proximity sensors.​

    • 12V for better EMI immunity.

    • Separate power input for full isolation

    • Opto-isolated

  • Relay support

    • Directly drive up to 7 relay coils via open collector outputs.​

    • Relay Coil voltage selectable between +5V or +12V.

    • Drive up to 11 SSR or Logic Level relays.

  • Isolated standard Grbl input controls: Cycle Start, Feed Hold, EStop and Safety Door.​ Opto-Isolated.

  • Opto-Isolated Probe input.

  • Supports both Pico and Pico W.

  • USB and WiFi (with Pico W) connection support.

  • Micro SD Card socket.  Allows storage of GCode programs.  GCode programs may be run from the SD Card.

  • Dust Collection support.

    • Dust Collection relay and TTL output ganged to Spindle. 

    • Header for a switch to manually run Dust Collector.

  • Flexible power input.  Two 12V sections, one for Stepper/Servo output, relays and spindle control, one for isolated limit, probe and control inputs. The two sections may be joined for the budget conscious builder. On board 5V generation.​

  • LED indicators for 12V inputs, +5V​​ and spindle active.

  • Open collector outputs allow adding pull-up resistors on the board.

  • Expansion headers for I2C, SPI and UART.  UART 3.3V/5V translation supported.

  • Powered by open source software - grblHAL.

Ordering information

Available for sale on Tindie.

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