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Opto Isolated Inputs

Ten optically isolated inputs are available.  5 of them are for the Axis Limit and Homing Switches.  In addition, there are 5 inputs for:

  • Cycle Start. This is for a button switch that can start or resume your job.

  • Feed Hold. This is for a button that can pause your job.

  • EStop.This is for a button that you can use to stop your machine's movement and spindle if it is misbehaving. Highly recommended to prevent machine damage due to incorrect usage.

  • Probe. This input supports an external probe.  Very useful for setting the height of your bit, finding edges or creating a height map to allow cutting on uneven surfaces.

  • Door. Used for machines that are enclosed in a cabinet. A switch on the door detects when it is open and pauses the machine.

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