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This is the CNC conversion of a EMCO manual metal working lathe by Terje at Io Engineering using grblHAL. In addition to the lathe conversion, he also built a TM4C123 based DRO and MPG to control the machine which connects to the grblHAL board via secondary UART input and I2C. Watch the videos to see it cutting threads.  Amazing piece of engineering!

Mechanical: EMCO Compact 5 Lathe.

Motors/Drivers: DM420A drivers. VFD and washing machine(!) motor for the main spindle

Control: grblHAL running on a TI MSP432 with CNC BoosterPack BoB.

MPG/DRO: MPG & DRO BoosterPack.

EMCO Lathe Conversion

grblhal driven.png
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