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Really nice custom designed and built machine by C Sowa using aluminum extrusions and thick endplates. This is a 3 Axis CNC router using ganged drivers for the Y axis.  It has a 720 x 500 x 170mm work envelope. Uses a Teensy 4.1 based breakout board for grblHAL. The machine was used to mill it's own aluminum upgrades - a perfect example of bootstrapping. Used for cutting wood and aluminum.

Mechanical: moving gantry, linear rails, Acme Screws.

Steppers: 4x Nema 24 JMC IHSS 60-36-30 with integrated Closed Loop System

Spindle:  2.2KW Air cooled spindle with 2.2KW VFD.

Control: grblHAL running on a Teensy 4.1.

Aluminum Extrusion Machine

grblhal driven.png
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