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100 Watt Custom Rotary Laser

This is a custom designed rotary laser cutter/etcher used by a manufacturer to etch cylinders. Really well executed design and build. It was designed to etch in a continuous fashion to increase production speed. Prior to this, they were using a LPC based Grbl controller. They report that with the Teensy based breakout board, they are seeing 2 to 3X performance.

Mechanical: Extruded aluminum base with X and A axes. Integrated exhaust and air assist control.  The laser is mounted underneath the bed and the long tube under the fume hood holds the mirror and lens.

Steppers and drivers: NEMA 23 with integrated drivers.

Laser: 100W Reci W4 with a matching DY12 power supply.

Control: grblHAL running on a Teensy 4.1 and custom GCode generation to allow high speed continuous etching.

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